Best Homeowners Insurance in Missouri

Best Homeowners Insurance in MO

The national average for homeowners insurance premiums is $1,1921, but in Missouri, the average insurance premium comes in at $1,285.2 Missouri’s geography in the center of the U.S. lends itself to its fair share of natural disasters in the form of ice storms, tornados, floods, wind and hail. These weather events impact Missouri residents’ prices for homeowners insurance.

Weather incidents account for more than half of all homeowners insurance claims across the country. In Missouri, it is the wind damage, frozen pipes that burst, roof leaks and ice dams that contribute to home damage that may require help from homeowners insurance. Missouri residents are familiar with extreme heat and cold that impacts residents across the state every year, and both contribute to the need for purchasing a solid homeowners insurance policy.

Find the Best Homeowners Insurance in Missouri

In Missouri, when you need homeowners insurance, let SelectQuote help. A licensed insurance agent will work directly with you to find a home insurance policy—one that works best for you and your situation.

SelectQuote agents know how to find the best homeowners insurance rates from the companies they represent. When you call, be sure to have information about your current home insurance policy available such as your current carrier, how long you’ve had your policy and your current rate. You should also be able to share your deductible amount and claims history. It’s important to have this information available as it will help your SelectQuote agent research policy options and find the best rate for you.

Getting home and car insurance in Missouri can come without the hassle—SelectQuote will show you in the Show Me State the way.

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Save Money by Bundling Your Home and Car Insurance in Missouri

Getting your home and auto insurance in one place helps save you money. SelectQuote customers save nearly $700 on average per year when bundling their home and auto insurance.

Working with only highly rated insurance companies ranked by A.M. Best means you get some of the top options. A.M. Best is an independent organization specializing in insurance company ratings. High ratings from A.M. Best are a recognized indicator of the strength of the insurance companies.

We make buying insurance easy by shopping top carriers to find you the best rate for your car and homeowners insurance in Missouri.